Auftakt 2018

[Prelude 2018] Presentation of the project proposals for the coming year

7–13 April 2018

Event Series

Members initiative

At the beginning of each year, the nGbK receives numerous project applications. This time, the discussion and selection within the society will take place under a special aspect: In 2019, the nGbK will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and for this reason the project proposals will be presented during the “Prelude” week in the exhibition space of the nGbK. Members and visitors will have the opportunity to examine the concepts that should take the history of the nGbK into account and reflect its thematic focuses. Voting on the anniversary programme will be held in the exhibition space during this week and at the general assembly.

Friday, 6 April 2018, 19-22h
Reception in the exhibition space - for nGbK members

Saturday, 7 April 2018, 18h
“Listen for Yourselves! On Engagement in Radio”
Lecture in the frame of Art Outreach 2018
In the lounge area of the exhibition space: Anna Bromley explores the potentials of emancipatory community radio platforms in various geographical regions. Which modes of speaking and pitches of voice become engaged in auditory art, discursive reflection and campaigning? With many audio examples.

Sunday, 8 April 2018, 16-19h
For centuries and throughout the world, queers have been marginalised in society as the ‘other’ and the ‘alien’ by colonialism, among others. The knowledge of our own existence and cultures is controlled and concealed in a hegemonic way. To re-appropriate stolen knowledge, Dr. Tucké Royale invites the audience to a cup of herbal tea and a game of Queer Memory. With a bogus doctor’s degree, the boundaries between oral history and memory can be manually overcome. Help build up the archives of B-Cademica, train your queer memory, drink tea!

Thursday , 12 April 2018, 20h
Guest at nGbK: Nomadenkino
With the film “People of Love and Rage” Italien with engl. subtitles
Documentary, b/w, Germany/Italy, 2016, 88 min
Production: Daring House
After the screening the director Stefano Casertano will answer questions.