RealismusStudio. Kuratorische Praktiken und künstlerisches Handeln RealismusStudio. Curatorial Practice and Artistic Agency



Project group

Hildtrud Ebert, Jan Ketz, Christin Lahr, Isabelle Meiffert, Ulrike Riebel, Susanne Weiß

16 March 2017
Event space of nGbK, 1st floor

The history of the RealismusStudio founded in 1973 is characterised by continuity and experiments and inextricably linked to the realism debate. With more than 300 exhibitions and events that focused on contemporary socio-critical art and the discursive and mediating process, the group has lastingly shaped the profile of the nGbK. Central themes and curatorial practices of the RealismusStudio are presented and newly interpreted.
With contributions by Leonie Baumann, Christin Lahr, Barbara Straka u.a.

ISBN 978-3-938515-62-4, dt/engl, Publishing house: nGbK