77-13 Politische Kunst im Widerstand in der Türkei 77-13 Political Art and Resistance in Turkey

4 July–30 August 2015
Opening: 3 July 2015

Event Series

nGbK, Oranienstraße 25


Mülksüzleştirme Ağları, Aytunç Akad, Murat Akagündüz, Devrimci Yol Arşivi, artıkişler, bak.ma, CANAN, Cem Dinlenmiş, Barış Doğrusöz, Cihangir Duyar, Berat Işık, Ekim Ruşen Kapçak, Hüseyin Karabey, NarPhotos, #occupygezi architecture, Erkan Özgen, Şener Özmen, Demet Taşpınar, Cengiz Tekin, TÜSTAV, Sencer Vardarman, Nalan Yırtmaç

Project group

Jan Bejšovec, Christian Bergmann, Zülfukar Çetin, Duygu Gürsel, Pablo Hermann, Ҫaǧrı Kahveci, Therese Koppe, Eva Liedtjens

The starting points of the exhibition project are two heydays of social resistance in Turkey: 1 May, 1977 and the Gezi protests in 2013. Subjects of reflection are the aesthetic peculiarities of the self-presentations, representations and communication processes of social movements in public space. Their continuities, specific features and connecting points are examined with regards to the social, economic and cultural dynamics that have influenced social movements from 1968 to the present day.
An important factor bringing these different venues together are the forms of remembering: When resistance fades, the posters, graffiti, slogans and rhythms that remain ensure that what was experienced maintains an aesthetic presence. Fed into collective memory, these forms of resistance evoke vivid images.
The exhibition contextualises documentary snapshots of social resistance in public space with artistic reflections, attempting an associative documentation that employs photography, video, installation, painting, poster art, and archive material.

The project grasps itself as an artistic-academic research process. What is brought to the fore and put up for debate is not a linear understanding of history and its representations, but the breaks, events, intertwinements and unexpected innovations, as well as the resulting artistic and political-aesthetic codings from the movement of 1968 until today.

An illustrated publication (ISBN: 978-3-938515-59-4) with academic, artistic and literary contributions will appear in conjunction with the exhibition.

Press commentary

taz, 14.07.2015 (Ulf Schleth)
“Die Arbeiten stammen von mehr als 40 TeilnehmerInnen und Kollektiven und von zahlreichen unbekannten Mitwirkenden der Gezi-Bewegung. Zum Programm der Ausstellung gehören Diskussionsrunden und auch eine deutsch-türkische Publikation mit Hintergrundtexten. Es ist nicht einfach, einer solchen Fülle von Material mit einem Ausstellungskonzept gerecht zu werden. So sind dann zumindest im begehbaren Teil der Ausstellung auch die Hinführung für themenfremde Besucher, die frühere Protestgeschichte und manche Elemente der Präsentation ein wenig zu kurz gekommen. Rahmenprogramm und Katalog gleichen das aus. In ihrer Gesamtheit ist die Ausstellung eine Fundgrube.”


Donnerstag 18 Juni 2015, 20h,
Film screening and talk
Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V., Potsdamer Straße 2, 10785 Berlin

Benim Çocugum [My Child]
Can Candan | Türkei 2013 | DCP | OmE | 83 min |
Afterwards talk with Can Candan and the protagonists
“My Child” is a feature ducumentary about parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans individuals in Turkey, intimately recounting their personal experiences.

In Cooperation with Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung and Verein Gladt e.V.

Freitag 03 Juli 2015, 19h,

Samstag 04 Juli 2015, 17h,
Artist talk with CANAN

Freitag 24 Juli 2015, 20h,
Panel discussion: Independent Cultural Spaces in Turkey and Germany
nGbK / In English

Asena Günal (DEPO), Çağla İlk (Präsidium nGbK) and Zeyno Pekünlü
In the past years, an increasing number of independent institutions and associations have been formed in Turkey that are dedicated to promoting and mediating art. Leading representatives from these fields in Turkey and Germany will exchange experiences, reflections and ideas on this evening.

Samstag 25 Juli 2015, 20h,
Lecture Performance by Zeyno Pekünlü
nGbK / In English

„At The Edge Of All Possibles“
Protests in the streets are often followed by a flood of videos and photographs. But what keeps resistance and uprising alive are personal stories and experienced emotions. This performance focuses on the emotional aspects of the – also medially over-present – protests in Gezi Park in 2013. Zeyno Pekünlü’s narrations bring the experiences back to mind.

Sonntag 26 Juli 2015, 20h,
LGBTI* in Turkey: Talk and Short Film Evening

A cooperation of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, nGbK and GLADT e.V.

With Barış Sulu, LGBTI* activist and first open gay parlamentarian in Turkey and Kristian Brakel, head of the office of Heinrich Böll Stiftung in Istanbul

21h: LGBTI* short film evening
(90 min, all films will be shown with English subtitles)

For some time the LGBTI movement in Turkey has been an exotic object for many straight/cis*gendered/white European film makers, artists, photographers and journalists. The power of producing images and knowledge has been in the hands of people who are not connected to the movement and are part of a privileged social group. As a result, the general representation of the LGBTI movement was without its own agency, mainly represented from an orientalist, islamophobic and victimising perspective. In the beginning of the 2000’s with the movement generating momentum, activists took cameras in their own hands and began breaking this dynamic. For the project 77□13 Political Art and Resistance in Turkey, GLADT e.V presents 4 films which reclaime, for the LGBTI movement,the power of images and art as a form of resistance.

D: Aykut Atasay, 2007, 12’
Travestiler [Transvestites] is a mocumentary playing with common representations used in mainstream documentaries about trans women. It is disturbing, funny and questions our presumptions. It’s everything you wanted to know about “Transvestites”. * warning: scenes of explicit physical violence.
[ !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival, Radikal Viewers Award, 2008]

D: Emre Yalgın, 2008, 28’
PembeGri [PinkGrey] begins with a train journey, telling the story of how Pembe Hayat – a LGBT Solidarity Organisation, formed. In a theatre play, staged by the activists themselves, the train journey turns into a journey illustrating the life and struggle of the trans activists.

kanka productions, 2015, 20’
#direnayol is a feature length documentary, exploring experiences of LGBT block activists during the 2013 LGBTI Pride March, immediately after the Gezi uprising. Here we are showing a unique cut for the exhibition.

Kırık Beyaz Laleler
D: Aykan Safoğlu, 2013, 24’
Kırık Beyaz Laleler [Off-White Tulips] is a video essay in the form of a fictional dialogue with the influential American writer, James Baldwin. The film follows an innovative autobiographical path, using photographs, post cards and newspaper cut-outs to testify to the writer’s visits in Istanbul.
[Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen – International Short Film Days Oberhausen]

Dienstag 28 Juli 2015, 19h,
Short Film and Talk
nGbK / In English

“Holding Up the Photograph” – a selection of edited conversations that have been archived and analysed by the Hakikat Adalet Hafiza Merkezi (Truth, Justice and Memory Center). The short film consists of interviews with relatives of victims of state-orchestrated forced disappearances in Turkey.
Afterwards: Özlem Kaya (Hakikat Adalet Hafiza Merkezi) in conversation with Eva Liedtjens (Projektgruppe 77□13, nGbK)
Moderation: Eva Liedtjens (project group 77□13, nGbK)

Mittwoch 29 Juli 2015, - 31 July 2015,
Caricature Workshop with Cem Dinlenmis
nGbK / In English and Turkish

In Turkey, Cem Dinlenmis is known as a columnist of the weekly “Penguen“ satirical magazine. The ironic and caustic commentaries on current events are important documents of recent Turkish history and a metaphor of free expression. Interested caricaturists are invited to develop new works under his instructions.

Donnerstag 30 Juli 2015, 20h,
Filmscreening: Ben Uçtum Sen Kaldin
fsk Kino, Segitzdamm 2, 10969 Berlin

Berlin Premiere!
„Ben Uçtum Sen Kaldin“, Mizgin Müjde Arslan, 2012
Afterwards Discussion with Özay Sahin (DoP)
[“I flew you stayed”] This powerful and moving documentary accompanies Mizgin as she seeks a connection with her long-lost father, a Kurdish freedom fighter. This quest takes Mizgin from Turkey to Iraq and enables her to reconstruct some broken familial links, even as she suffers the irretrievable loss of others.
In English and Turkish

Freitag 31 Juli 2015, 20h,
Short Film Evening
nGbK / All films with English subtitles

Mother Virgin No More/ Gri Bölge, D: Derya Durmaz (TR 2015, 7’)
As an unexpected truth about a young women gets revealed to her mother, the basic fact that a mother-daughter relationship is supposed to be based on unconditional love will have to be questioned. [65th International Berlin Film Festival Generations 14plus Short Film Competition Official Selection]

From Gazi to Gezi, D: Ross Domoney (UK/TR 2013, 20’)
“Gazi to Gezi - a stone’s throw away” explores the poetry of a nationwide revolt in Istanbul, Europe’s largest city. An explosive mix of the city’s inhabitants come together to fight the police and barricade themselves into one of the metropolis’ few remaining green spaces, Gezi Park. All are present; from the liberal students, to oppressed, illegal revolutionary groups living among the slums of the city. The film, told through the memory of a stone, attempts to link the past with the present in a cinematic format which is neither factual nor fictitious. Scored to a beautiful soundtrack, the audience is taken into a rebellious world.

Cell A.3.2 D: Hüseyin Karabey, (TR 2012, 16’)
Gizem – a young woman is trying to fight against the amnesia she is experiencing due to cellular imprisonment in a F-Type prison in Turkey.

Canan Turan KIYMET (D/TR/UK 2012, 26’, OmeU)
This is a film about my grandmother. Her name is Kiymet which means “value” in Turkish. She was the first person from my family to leave her village and emigrate to Germany. I could learn a lot from her who has given so much as a mother, activist and immigrant worker. After more than 40 years of marriage she got divorced from my grandfather whom she had once saved from political persecution in Turkey for being a socialist, fighting for the rights of the poor and peasants.

DÎJLE (Tigris), D: Ali Özkan, Arif Temel (TR 2014, HD, 19:46’)
Dîjle (Tigris) aims to produce a record of the life that continues and is being destroyed along the river coast, following a trajectory from the city of Diyarbakır to Lake Hazar, the source of the river Tigris, and takes shape around a road story that follows the river bed. The documentary features interviews with people living and working along the River Tigris, images from the everyday life that continues in the area and footage of the destruction that is taking place.

Hala -The Paternal Aunt, D: Veysel Akasahin (TR 2012, 20’)
Having lost her parents, a transsexual woman returns to her village. ‘The Paternal Aunt’ explores the feelings of happiness, hopefulness, disappointment and loneliness she experiences back home.

Sonntag 30 August 2015, 12-19h,
last day of the exhibition

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