87 Semester

20 September 2013



Anna Bromley, Diedrich Diederichsen, Michael Dreyer, Søren Grammel, Clemens Krümmel, Bettina Steinbrügge

Members initiative

Panel: Experts discussing the new CI of nGbK and the concept of designer Michal Dreyer

Exerpt from the press text:

[…] One of Dreyer’s central ideas is the description of the NGBK as an academy. Nowhere else do such complex and lengthy discussion and realisation processes take place, in which so many persons participate under often experimental conditions. The amount of text of the written project applications that are copied and distributed to the members alone exceeds the amount of data of a medium-size, theory publishing house. This concentration and density of the joint work regarding the projects realised under grassroots conditions is the major exceptional feature to which Dreyer refers in his drafts.
In particular, he wants to highlight both “neue Gesellschaft” and “bildende Kunst” as independent modules of the society’s name by using lowercase adjectives: It is about bildende Kunst (fine art) with a lowercase b, not about the untouchable institution of bourgeois society, and it is about its relationship to a neue Gesellschaft (new society).

In our view, the circle has indeed been squared. The NGBK – now nGbK – thus presents itself soberly and open for debate to a changing art environment, an heated and confusing political situation, a different Kreuzberg and its new residents. It retains the continuity of critical and grassroots processes by sharpening their contours against the contemporary backdrop. In this sense, we are still doing the same, but it looks better. That means: You can recognise us.