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Künstlerische Positionen zur Fußballweltmeisterschaft 2006

3 June–9 July 2006
Opening: 2 June 2006

Event Series


NGBK, Oranienstraße 25



city crime control, Fefzcak, Groesch/Metzger, Anke Hagemann, Helmut Huber, hybrid video tracks, monochrom

Project group

Gerd Dembowski, Carsten Does, Simon Güntner, Romuald Leonhardt, Velten Schäfer, Tanja Seger, Nicole de Temple

The Football World Cup 2006 is about to kick-off and we are already fed up with all the corporate World Cup Mania, ‘you-are-Germany’-slogans, RFID-Chips, friendly racism, nation-branding, security craziness, public viewing-areas, larger than life headache tablets, Beckenbauer, Blatter and Goleo.

Because of this, the exhibition HOME GAME is bringing artistic positions, which tackle the subject of the Football World Cup 2006 in a critical and ironic fashion. The works shown will address the growing ‘festivalisation’ and commercialisation of major sporting events, analyse the new surveillance technologies being implemented in stadiums and cities and criticise the neo-liberal image-campaigns taking place in the context of the World Cup.
For example the Austrian group of artists monochrom is on the trail of the relationships between fraud and ‘business as usual’, between corruption and commercialisation, through their reconstruction ofCafe King, famous scene of the crime of last years scandal around the bribery of a german referee. Further on the artists of city.crime.control. are starting a new image campaign for World Cup Loser cities like Bremen and broadcast their continuous programme from the city’s empty Weserstadion. Now that even streakers have been discovered by the Guerilla-Marketing divisions, as shown in an installation by hybrid video tracks, and have lost their subversive innocence, we can only agree with the artist Fefzcak and wish him all the best for his five-week performance entitled ‘Die WM kommt, ich gehe’ (The World Cup is coming, I’m going).

The NGBK will be hosting a number of events within the framework of HOME GAME including, from 23 - 25 June an international academic conference “Policing Crowds – Privatizing Security“, organised in co-operation with the FU Berlin and other organisations.

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition will have the format of a cheap booklet and present scholarly, journalistic and literary contributions to the complex subject of business, sport and spectacle. ISBN: 3-938515-02-3