jour fixe initiative berlin (2019)

6 January–7 July 2019

Event Series

nGbK (Event space, 1st floor), Oranienstraße 25, 10999 Berlin


Sarah Binz, Renate Hürtgen, Serhat Karakayali, solA Neukölln, Matthias Neumann, Charlotte Niekamp, Mai-Britt Ruff, Jana Seppelt, Margarita Tsomou

With lecture series on the critique of domination, exploitation and immaturity, the “jour fixe initiative berlin” offers a platform for discussion and theory formation within the radical left and seeks to contribute to overcoming capitalist socialisation.

2019: Und nicht vergessen: Solidarität

We live in fragmented times. Neoliberalism has radicalized what has always been the very essence of capitalism: to interrelate everyone—but as isolated entities. Virulent fascism seeks to remedy this neoliberal fragmentation by promising an exclusive form of »national solidarity«, basically, a means of securing one’s own wellbeing at others’ expense. By contrast, practices of true solidarity all over the world stand opposed to neoliberal-nationalist-fascist agendas. Their goal—communism, you might call it—is a solidary global community of free and equal people. Solidarity is both the means to reach this goal—and the goal itself.