(Kunst im Untergrund) U2 Alexanderplatz 2007 (Art in the underground)

15 March 2007–28 February 2008


U-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz, Linie 2


Marc Brandenburg, Daniela Comani, Nezaket Ekici, Heike Hamann, Christian Korth, Willem Wilhelmus

Project group U2 Alexanderplatz

Christoph Bannat, Uwe Jonas, Seraphina Lenz, Tine Neumann, Barbara Rüth, Birgit Anna Schumacher

The exhibition project will be continued in 2007 and be divided into two modules: The advertising billboards behind the rail tracks of the U2 line will once again be made available to artists and they will have opportunities for temporary interventions in other areas of the Alexanderplatz underground station. An open competition will be announced for both formats. Application documents are to be published in spring 2007, as soon as negotiations regarding the financing and the framework have been completed.

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