CROSSKICK – europäische Kunsthochschulen zu Gast in deutschen Kunstvereinen

RigaREVIEW – StudentInnen der Kunstakademie Lettland in der NGBK Berlin

10 March–22 April 2007
Opening: 9 March 2007


NGBK, Oranienstraße 25


Auce Biele, Evelīna Deičmane, Liene Dobrāja, Kate Krolle, Jānis Kudiņš, Maija Kurševa, Sarah Malmude, Anete Melece, Kaspars Podnieks, Oskars Poikāns, Sandijs Ruļuks, Katrīna Sauškina, Armands Zelčs

Project group RealismusStudio

Friederike Anders, Hildtrud Ebert, Anke Hoffmann, Christin Lahr, Frank Wagner, Susanne Weiß


Mara Traumane

Initiiert von der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunstvereine (ADKV) und in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Fach Visuelle Kommunikation an der Kunstakademie Lettland und der Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee

Within the framework of the RigaREVIEW exhibition project, RealismusStudio explores how the art and cultural activities of young people in Riga mirror the key socio-political changes of the past decade. Which topics matter to the generation of artists who grew up during the intensive period of change over? What are approaches and media of these young artists? How do they position themselves in Latvia’s expanding media and consumer oriented society? The NGBK exhibition space provides a platform for the students to pursue these questions.

A visit in Riga to the Academy of Art of Latvia provided the basis for a fieldwork project: RigaREVIEW presents the works of 13 student artists from the Academy together with the team’s documentation of its research at the Academy and the historical links between the NGBK and the arts scene in Latvia.


Saturday, March 10, 6 pm:
Visual Communication! Videos and short films by graduates and students of the Art Academy of Latvia

Initiated by the working group of German Art Organizations (AdKV) and in cooperation with the Visual Communication department of the Art Academy of Latvia and the School of Art and Design Berlin-Weissensee