Making Mirrors - Von Körpern und Blicken Making Mirrors - Of body and gaze

25 June–31 July 2011
Opening: 24 June 2011

Event Series


NGBK, Oranienstraße 25
WILD AT HEART, Wiener Strasse 20 (nicht mehr online)


Dave Ball & Oliver Walker, Sonia Barrett, Danielle Daude, Jean-Ulrick Désert, Farida Heuck, Wayne Hodge, Rajkamal Kalohn, Wolfram Kastner, Philip Metz, Manuela Ritz, Serfiraz Vural & Pasquale Rotter

Project group

Eva-Maria Brück-Neufeld, Dörte Fischer, Pablo Hermann, Sandrine Micossé-Aikins, Branka Pavlovic

The NGBK exhibition project presents work lying between art and activism
that deal with the meaning of racialised identities in western

Through representation, presence and absence, images define and reinforce how we see ourselves and others. The construction of a white, universally accepted, normality, and the simultaneous exclusion of the racialised body of color are also rooted in a media culture which celebrates a majority society perspective whilst overlooking and ignoring positions of color. Others are designated as alien and depicted either as exotic or stereotypes; they are caricatured, silenced, or simply remain absent. The place itself from which these labels and gaze emanates, from which this honouring or ignoring originates, remains unnamed. What then happens when the ruling normality is held before a mirror, when the gaze of the other is reversed? What becomes visible, when the exoticised gaze back?

“Making Mirrors: Of Body and Gaze” brings together artists who deal critically with dominant body images and ways of seeing. They reflect and deconstruct the white gaze, and contrast this with their own perspectives on and concepts of identity.
The exhibition brings together participatory approaches and interventions which move the experience of art beyond that of the white cube or pure observation and into everyday public space; and at times bringing it back into the gallery.

A booklet in German and English will be published.

Press commentary

Der Tagesspiegel, 06.07.2011 (Elke Linda Buchholz)
“Für die Ausstellung hat eine mehrköpfige Kuratorengruppe 13 Künstlerinnen und Künstler ausgewählt, die sämtliche Gattungen vom digital bearbeiteten Foto über Dokumentarvideos, Skulptur und Malerei bis hin zur Materialinstallation abzudecken. Mehrere Arbeiten rücken der sozialen Realität mit Feldforschungen zu Leibe, mal klug und hintersinnig, mal platt und klischeehaft. […] Schon mehrere Jahren beackert die NGBK-Gruppe, die die Ausstellung kuratiert hat, ihr Themenfeld der ‘Critical Whiteness’, angeregt von postkolonialen Theoriediskursen in den USA.”


Friday, 24.06.2011 – from 19h, (Opening)
Wayne Hodge
Serfiraz Vural, Pasquale Virginie Rotter, Belgin Alakus, Ekpenyong Ani, Halil Can, Aicha Diallo, Anna Hankings-Evans
DIGITALl: Pierre Gaulke
from 22:00h
DJ’s: JB vs. JP (Balkan vs Latin)
(JB: Jovan Balov, JP: Juan Pablo Arce)

Saturday, 02.07.2011 - 19 h
Serfiraz Vural, Pasquale Virginie Rotter, Belgin Alakus, Ekpenyong Ani, Halil Can, Aicha Diallo Anna Hankings-Evans
DIGITAL: Pierre Gaulke
THEATER: Bilder/Füße Showing

Friday, 08.07. 2011 – 19 h
Oliver Walker , Dave Ball
Dinner Party: A Social Experiment?

Saturday, 09.07. 2011 – 19 h
Manuela Ritz
seelenwärts. Auf Leben und Tod

Saturday, 16.07. 2011 – 19 h
Daniele Daude
Carmens Körper
Location: NGBK *

Friday, 29.07.2011 – 20 h
Finissage on Stage
Paulo Belzebitchy (Electronica Experimental)
Joachim Deutschland (Rock)
Jamika Ajalon (Indie)
Intiche (Electropical)
admission free / admission from 18 years on
LOCATION: WILD AT HEART, Wiener Strasse 20, 10999 Berlin

Sunday, 31. 07. 2011 – 17 h
presentation of the art education project of Making Mirrors

* NGBK event space, first floor, Oranienstrasse 25, 10999 Berlin

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