nGbK-Lectures 2021

2 December 2021


SO 36, Oranienstrasse 190, 10999 Berlin


D’Andrade, Valerie Karima Djurhuus, Naledi Maskia Mmoledi

Members initiative

The format »nGbK lectures« was initiated in 2016. In panels and discussions the nGbK will intervene in the public debate, formulate statements, offer solidarity or voice outrage. At irregular intervals, members of the nGbK organise evening events dedicated to cultural-political issues.

Thursday, 2 December 2021, from 19:30
SO36, Oranienstraße 190, 10999 Berlin + Livestream
Panel »Working through Conflict, Awareness and Empowerment in the Arts and Culture« with D’Andrade, Valerie Karima Djurhuus, Naledi Maskia Mmoledi (en)
Moderated by Kathy-Ann Tan

This panel discussion will address the structural challenges that BIPoC* and (post-)migrant artists face while negotiating the terrain of white-led artistic and cultural institutions in Berlin. What legal recourse do these artists have to protect themselves, and what are institutions doing to sustainably practice anti-discrimination in the arts and culture? How can institutions who claim to be antiracist and yet uphold the myth of neutrality be held accountable for the kinds of imbalances in power relations they reproduce? How can potential strategies for conflict mediation be developed within these spaces?
With regard to empowerment work in the arts, (how) can inter-community solidarity be practiced and support the work of underrepresented and marginalised artists while remaining attentive to intra-community differences? These issues will be discussed by five panelists who will share their artistic and cultural practice as well as their experience in political activism and community work.

D’Andrade is a non-binary musician, poet and author, whose conceptual approach is oriented around Afrofuturism and decolonial theory, as well as the development of investigative works and new and counter-narratives by means of sound design, coding, archives and encounters. D’Andrade’s research began with the Uncultivating Classes project, developed at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, which created a self-organised student movement to think through new approaches for queer BIPoC* in an academic context. D’Andrade also co-curated the interdisciplinary festival Jardim Suspenso in Brazil, and created the solo project Noise Vivarium, which is based on open workshops, sound experiments, decoloniality and nature, in 2020. The works were exhibited internationally and in Berlin, including at the Sophiensaele, feldfünf, and the nGbK.

Valerie Karima Djurhuus is a founder and trainer at Loom e.V. and an anti-discrimination consultant at LesMigras as well as a freelance mediator and diversity trainer. As a queer Muslima, she dedicates her work to creating more visibility for identities that should be part of the norm. Valerie studied Middle Eastern studies and management. She creates projects that further narratives from her communities and also does so through writing and teaching, managing ongoing projects and cooperating with partners on community building, at the intersections of anti-Muslim racism and gender.

Naledi Maskia Mmoledi is a cofounder and current representative of the BIPoC Students Union at the Freie Universität. She works as an anti-discrimination trainer with Loom e.V and as a student counsellor for BIPoC students at the university.

Kathy-Ann Tan is a Berlin-based curator, writer and independent scholar of the visual arts and performance, postcolonial and decolonial theory, critical diversity studies and gender/queer studies. She is the initiator of the Decolonial Art Archives project, which aims to collaboratively build an online and offline forum for artists and curators to develop ways of interrogating colonial narratives through art and culture. As a former full-time academic, she has extensive experience in teaching, research, publishing and public speaking.

Dachil Sado is a visual and performance artist currently focusing on questions of reproduction and replication mechanisms, in particular immaterial embodiments of objects and entities overwhelmed with information. Since April, he is a direct (elected) representative of the nGbK’s coordination committee.