re-existencia Hellersdorf

19 September–20 November 2022

Event Series

Place Internationale, Carola-Neher-Straße / Corner Maxie-Wander-Straße, 12619 Berlin


Juan Camilo Alfonso Angulo, Lara Dade, Christian Limber, Christian Diaz Orejarena, Carolina Pinzón Rivera, Sahba Sahebi, Ginan Seidl, Miriam Trostorf

Under the title re-existencia Hellersdorf, rampe:aktion explores with filmic and performative means, between poetry and action, what connects the struggles for self-determination here and there and what separates them. For this, the group borrows the Latin American concept of re-existencia. The term was used by participants in the workshops in Colombia as an alternative to the concept of resistance. In decolonial theory, it is used by theorists to describe the intention to break through entrenched modes of perception, to decenter colonial logics of capitalist rationality and to shape one’s own living environment in a transformative way. In the search for resistant stories and personal perspectives on life and the current conflicts in and around Hellersdorf, the project takes the term re-existencia as a motto to ask: Are decolonial concepts from the global South applicable in the urban, global North? Are there concrete examples, actions and actors to which the concept can be applied here? What social and visual connections can arise here in audio-visual experimentation? And what mutual modes of perception shape the relationship of residents to activities à la rampe:aktion?

A project by rampe:aktion: Lara Dade, Christian Diaz Orejarena, Christian Limber, Sahba Sahebi, Ginan Seidl, Miriam Trostorf.
Supported by Juan Camilo Alfonso and Carolina Pinzón Rivera

The project was guest at the green land as part of the program curated by the project group station urbaner kulturen.


Saturday, September 24, 2022, 13:00–16:00
Green land Place Internationale
Action day

Video walk and performative exploration of the neighborhood around the green land Place Internationale of the station urbaner kulturen/nGbK Hellersdorf

Sunday, November 20, 2022, 17:00–20:00
Café Interfix am Kastanienboulevard

Installative film presentation of the action day

Supported by