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KUNST IM UNTERGRUND (seit 1993) Competition
Exhibition Series
Public Space
station urbaner kulturen, Hellersdorf (seit 2014) Exhibition Series
Event Series
Neues Deutschland Exhibition
Event Series

The exhibition was extended from 4 December 2021 to 15 January 15 2022.
Hosen haben Röcke an. Künstlerinnengruppe Erfurt 1984-1994 Exhibition
Event Series
Künstler_innenstipendium Istanbul-Berlin 2022 Scholarship
Durch das Archiv Exhibition
Event Series
Twister Exhibition
Event Series
Lucien Kroll in Hellersdorf. Eine Baustelle Exhibition
Event Series
Auftakt 2022 Exhibition
Online format
Event Series
The Driving Factor Exhibition
Online presentation
Event Series