Art for Change – Loraine Leeson. Arbeiten von 1975–2005 Works from 1975-2005

5 November–23 December 2005
Opening: 4 November 2005


Symposium Inventing the wheel

NGBK, Oranienstraße 25


Loraine Leeson

Project group

Katharina (Katja) Jedermann, Birgit Kammerlohr, Nanna Lüth, Carmen Mörsch, Thorsten Streichardt, Jole Wilcke


Christian Mayrock

Takeover by London, Glasgow and Toronto

The first retrospective exhibition of the English artist Loraine Leeson will incorporate work from the mid 70’s to the present day. Loraine Leeson’s work has forged a combination of politics, issues of identity, art production, education and research. The exhibition will present projects that include The London - Berlin Series (1975), The East London Health Project (1978-81) and The Dockland Community Poster Project (1981 – 1991), within their social, political and personal context, highlighting the nature of the collaborations, political background and specifics of her working process.

An English/German catalogue (approx. 200 p.) will accompany the exhibition. / ISBN 3-926796-98-7