19 January–5 February 2017
Opening: 18 January 2017

Event Series

Cooperation of nGbK and UdK Berlin

nGbK, Oranienstraße 25

With works by:
Hasan Aksaygın (in Kollaboration mit Yener Bayramoğlu), János Brückner, Tina Griffith, Gözde Güngör, Carsten Lisecki, Maria de Sande, Ultraviolett und Hanwen Zhang

The artists developed presentations for the exhibition space based on temporary interventions and explorations produced in the scientific realm of medical science. How do artists „read“ such a semi public research space? How can artists convey that which they find in the gap between knowledge and experience in medical research? Starting point for these explorations was a network of research, science and higher education found on the premise of the Charité Campus Mitte as well as related research of scholars, performance artists, theoreticians, architects, within existing systems of classification.

Visual signs pointing to a strict hierarchical demarcation between the knowledge of the medical experts, with its historically shaped aspiration to objectivity and universality and the subjective experience of human beings that move through the space as patients, relatives of patients and generally interested public. The artists dealt with the question of how the physical and semantic boundaries interact with the bodies moving through this space. The artists explored the location via movement exercises, performative talks, experimental painting, and/or drawing.

The exhibition in the ngbk features the result of these collective and individual explorations and talks spilling back into the space and terrain.

A presentation of the course “Tasten, Riechen, Hören” of the Institut für Kunst im Kontext at UdK - initiated by Lisa Glauer in connection with the interdisziplinary Projekt-Forum (IP-F) by Wolfgang Knapp, in cooperation with the GeDenkOrt.Charité – Wissenschaft in Verantwortung


Saturday 04th February 2017, 17.30 - 18h,
Lecture Performance (d)

János Brückner and Carsten Lisecki
Wo ist der Spaß im Krankenhaus Charité? [Where is the fun at Charité hospital?]