jour fixe initiative berlin (2017)

Anti! Kommunismus. Struktur einer antiemanzipatorischen Ideologie

8 January–25 June 2017

Event Series

Guest at nGbK

nGbK event space, Oranienstraße 25


Hannes Bode, Michael Brie, Klaus Holz, Michael Koltan, Stefanie Kron, Elfriede Müller, Krunoslav Stojakovic, Enzo Traverso, Margot Tuzina

With lecture series on the critique of domination, exploitation and immaturity, the “jour fixe initiative berlin” offers a platform for discussion and theory formation within the radical left and seeks to contribute to overcoming capitalist socialisation.

2017: Anti! Kommunismus. Struktur einer antiemanzipatorischen Ideologie
The focus is on the anti-emancipatory ideology of anticommunism. Although it was one of the most influential ideologies of the 20th century, it has hardly been researched. During the Cold War, anticommunism presented itself as the guarantor of individualism, freedom, family and tradition, and fought against the external and internal enemy in their name. And now? Does the ideological ‘glue’ simply disappear, or do its tickets and structural elements serve new and different enemies?