THE INTRICATE JOURNEY. Berlin–Kolumbien–Berlin

5 May–17 June 2007
Opening: 4 May 2007

Event Series

NGBK, Oranienstraße 25 (nicht mehr online)


Pablo Adarme, Erika Arzt / Juan Linares, François Bucher , buero für integrative kunst, Elkin Calderon, Carmen Carmona, Carolina Caycedo, Wilson Díaz, Adriana García, Stephan Kurr, Miler Lagos, Julián León, María Linares, Ana María Millán, Lucas Ospina

Project group

Erika Arzt, Stefan Krüskemper, Stephan Kurr, Juan Linares, María Linares

Which images, spaces and symbols do people return to in order to reinvent themselves in a new and unfamiliar context? How are notions of demarcation and difference reconstituted in a distant environment? And which models does identity derive from?

The experimental juxtaposition Berlin-Colombia contrasts actual and imaginary places. As a productive network of artists, ‘The Intricate Journey’ explores personal models of continuity and identity and their differences from the concept of a geographical or national origin. The main focus is on world spaces and life situations that are valid for individual people with their personal definitions and demarcations.

“The Intricate Journey” consists of three phases. In the first phase, 5 Colombian artists were invited to Berlin for a month. In the second phase, 5 Berlin artists travelled to Cali in Colombia and in the current, third phase the project reaches its conclusion with a visit to Berlin by other artists. The journeys and visits were aimed at developing artistic works of a kind that can only arise from the moment and the situation of being in strange surroundings. The artists’ works, their reactions and their perspectives can now be seen in the exhibition at the NGBK.

Through the artists’ mutual encounters and reflections, a kind of inner reference system grew up, crossing linguistic and cultural boundaries and informing the works shown in the exhibition. Thus, the artistic positions which arose through this process, as well as those still being created, present themselves as models of actively founded identity.

The programme accompanying the exhibition includes talks about the works, films and lectures.

A publication in German and Spanish with contributions by Franz Xaver Baier, Michael Asbury and Oscar Muñoz will be presented at the opening.


Friday, 4 May
19 h: Opening and presentation of the publication
20 h: Team Fiction – Theatre performance with the Life Game Company Berlin, based on an idea by Stefan Krüskemper
21 h: Megamix - Adriana García Galán mixes everything with everything: music, texts, fruit, alcohol, identities …