station urbaner kulturen, Hellersdorf (seit 2014) station urbaner kulturen, Hellersdorf (since 2014)

1 January 2014–31 December 2019

Exhibition Series

Kunst im Untergrund 2014-15:
Was ist draußen?

Kunst im Untergrund 2016-17:
Mitte in der Pampa

initiative urbane kulturen / GEMEINGUTHELLERSDORF

initiative urbane kulturen / KREISE ZIEHEN 1 /

Kunst im Untergrund 2018:
Plakat politisch machen

initiative urbane kulturen / KREISE ZIEHEN 2 /

Since 2014 (“Was ist draußen?/What is outside?)members of the nGbK engage on the Berlin-Hellersdorf housing estate, centered at the project base station urbaner kulturen as well as in neighbouring public space. This work was carried on in the years of 2016-17 (Mitte in der Pampa/The Middle in Nowhere) and 2018 (Poster politisch machen/Posters made political).
At the station, the nGbK would like to assume responsibility for initiating and intensifying interventionist processes, the development of social structures and considerations on the future of a district through artistic and cultural projects.
The initiative seeks to compliment and strengthen the existing local engagement for tolerance and cultural integration in Hellersdorf by facilitating the neighbourhood, the social and the artistic. By initiating the station urbaner kulturen members of nGbK have established a place for debate and for initiative. It is a workplace for collaborative ideas and a discursive exhibition and programme space.