Im Dissens? In Dissent?

Neighbourhood, Gentrification, and Artistic Engagement in Oranienstraße

1 January–14 December 2019


nGbK, Oranienstraße 25, 10999 Berlin


Lith Bahlmann, İlker Eğilmez, Åsa Sonjasdotter, Daniele Tognozzi, Connie Wagner

Project group

Stefan Endewardt, Joerg Franzbecker, Anna Heilgemeir, Naomi Hennig, Ulrike Jordan, Dagmar Pelger

Research project in collaboration with Nija-Maria Linke, Franziska Bittner and Andrea Bellu

Oranienstraße has been in a crisis for some time. The astronomical rises in rental costs have affected commercial premises as well as housing. Smaller shops are particularly feeling the pressure. For many, displacement is immanent or has already taken place, as landlords increasingly maximise their profits. These developments have led to protests and solidarity from political initiatives and the neighbourhood.

The nGbK project group »In Dissent? Neighbourhood, Gentrification and Artistic Engagement in Oranienstraße« was formed in this context. In recent months, the group has examined the situation facing commercial tenants and creative practitioners in Oranienstraße, including issues of property, the financialisation of the rental market, displacement and the possibilities to defend oneself against it. During a series of public workshops, the group worked with initiatives and interested people to appropriate digital mapping tools and to map the street.
Bearing in mind that the nGbK has been located on Oranienstraße as a cultural institution for almost thirty years, one of the key questions here was about the role that art and culture play in gentrification processes and in the neighbourhood, about the difference between cultural players, residents and retailers, and about how they can act in solidarity.

The results of the research, as well as guest contributions on its themes, will be published in a newspaper format with the title »Eigentum und Alltag« (Property and Everyday Life) and distributed locally. The project will conclude by making the digital mapping of the street available to initiatives and neighbours as a free resource.

With the participation of:

Commercial tenants of the Oranienstraße and L. A. MÜLLER, Kunstblock and beyond, Nihad Nino Pušija, Kerstin Meyer, Åsa Sonjasdotter, Wolfgang Keck, Franziska Bittner, Nija-Maria Linke, Annette Maechtel, Larissa Fassler, İlker Eğilmez, Christian Hanussek / Anne Huffschmid (metroZones), Lisa Vollmer, Lith Bahlmann, Bizim Kiez, Gertrud Trisolini, OraNostra, Pantea Lachin, Daniele Tognozzi, Sigrun Drapatz, Foto Selçuk

Saturday, 14 December 2019, 14:30-19:00
Presentation of the research project »In Dissent?« and the newspaper »Eigentum und Alltag« (Property and Everyday Life) during a tour along Oranienstraße

Bus trip and walk with readings and presentations

The newspaper »Eigentum und Alltag« will be presented on Saturday afternoon at various locations on Oranienstrasse. The tour will begin with a short trip on the M29 bus from Görlitzer Bahnhof to Moritzplatz. Contributions to the newspaper will then be presented at various locations along the street, followed by an open discussion with guests in the nGbK exhibition space.

14.30 meeting point M29 bus stop Görlitzer Bhf direction Roseneck

15.00 St. Jacobi-Kirche, Oranienstraße 132

16.00 Bilgisaray, Oranienstraße 45

16.30 Scotty e. V., Oranienstraße 46

17.15 Photo Selçuk, Oranienstraße 182

18.00 nGbK, Oranienstraße 25
Open discussion with Lith Bahlmann (cultural producer), İlker Eğilmez (Bilgisaray), Connie Wagner (OraNostra), Åsa Sonjasdotter (artist), Daniele Tognozzi (Kunstblock and beyond)